Vermont butter

Vermont butter was considered the acme of perfection in New England markets. By 1899, Vermont was producing 35 million pounds of butter. Whole support industries, such as the Bellows Falls Machinery Company (maker of butter churns and equipment) and the Montgomery butter box firm, existed to support this trade.

Corporate representatives say their product lines could mark a transformation in the funeral industry, much like the growth of cremation decades ago, that would present survivors with competitive pricing and greater choice. “It was such an area of abuse in funeral homes,” said Costco senior vice president Joel Benoliel. “They have you as a captive when you don’t have your best negotiating hat on.

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A less common story, but a more cheerful one, is when those spaces are lost the ones occupied by minorities, the ones that are affordable and then, somehow, they come back. This is what happened to The Parkway Theater, which closed in 2009. They served pizza and beer and often screened throwback films.

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