In Massachusetts

In Massachusetts’ expanded learning time initiative, early results indicate that kids in some schools do better on state tests than do kids at regular public schools. The extra time, which schools can add as hours or days, is for three things: core academics kids struggling in English, for example, get an extra English class; more time for teachers; and enrichment time for kids. Regular public schools are adding time, too, though it is optional and not usually part of the regular school day.

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Despite having some of the best offshore winds in the world, we have not moved aggressively to harness that free resource. A five turbine wind farm is now online near Rhode Island Block Island. A deal is pending for Maine to sell wind power to Connecticut. wholesale nhl jerseys

It said: certainly hope you will be addressing the unprecedented action by the White House today when they refused selected news outlets from a White House news conference. This is dangerous beyond pale and I believe you should strongly condemn this activity without pulling any punches. Of course it dangerous, and of course I condemn it.

Families interested in a spring break getaway to one of eight Ohio State Park Lodges can use their child’s report card for a discount. Families get $10 off per night for every A, up to $50. The deal is good at lodges in Mohican, Punderson, Salt Fork, Maumee Bay, Deer Creek, Hueston Woods, Shawnee and Burr Oak parks.

The airline drew public ire in wholesale nhl jerseys 2014 when it started levelling a $25 fee for luggage. But carrying those bags is a cost (think fuel, labour and insurance). So who does the airline pass along those costs to? The bags’ owners alone? Or should the cost also be borne by the one in four WestJet passengers who fly without any luggage.