close losses to good

They seem to have a moral victory or two every year with close losses to good and very good teams. Notre Dame seems to have a blowout win or two against top 15 teams every year. I’m not too worried about the score, but more about in game adjustments and how the coaches and players handle adversity, as it will tell a lot about the season..

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Tom have you done a crankcase test take a tube frome the dipstick and make a big “u ” on a length of wood say 3 foot draw a line at 1 foot the at 1 inch incriments fill u with water up to the start line add food colouring for a better visual effect start engine and read the vacum at tick over mine is 8 inches and i have no leaks any questions give me a call also check the return from the breather to the dip stick this gets blocked with crud when the valve breaks down. This stops the oil draining back to the engine and ends up in the carb if standard carb used even if there is a fu fu valve with twin carbs it will just blow cheap nfl jerseys out the breathere pipe. Don.